Where reality often imitates a sitcom.

Hey, you found us! Welcome to Bill and Kathy's new web site. We decided it was time to put all of our personal stuff in one place for people to find it. And Kathy's site was taken down and the recipes needed a new home.

We might not make updates here often but will try and make sure the important stuff is where you can find it.

The biggest development in our lives recently is the purchase of an Endless Pool Swim Spa. Of course we had to build a sun room around it, considering Chicago's weather. It has been a rocky road getting it all installed and to Palos Heights' stringent codes.

Visit Our Family Tree. Bill and I are working on adding content. Request an account and stop back from time to time to see our progress. We have over 630 ancestors from the Reilly, Byrnes, Addis, Gibb, Rodgers, and Rogers families and many more. (Accounts are required to see information, photos, and documents for living people to protect their identities.)

Meet the newest member of our family - Shelby! She's an adorable Goldendoodle that we brought home in October, 2021.

Wedding day - June 28, 2003