Where reality often imitates a sitcom.

Kathy Rogers

Another web site, another stab at defining who I am. The problem with it is you sit down one day and make a web site and put it on the internet. Then life continues it's weird journey and there's never time to look back at the web site and update it. So years later you look and go "Wow, that's really old crap about me." So here I am, writing about me now, knowing full well that someday I'm going to look back...

Who am I?

I am Bill's wife and Amanda and Sean's mom.

I am the Data Specialist at Rescigno's Marketing Connections. I also teach computer and business classes at Westwood College.

I love to play with paper - scrapbooking, making cards, making 3D shapes out of it. Give me pretty paper and I'm pretty much one happy girl!

11/6/2012 - See? I just looked and once again, I've moved on but the web site hasn't. I have a new love - quilting! You can see some of the quilts I made this summer on my blog. It's sort of like paper, but there are soooo many pretty fabrics to use.

3/28/2015 - Wow! Time sure flies! Making some more updates today. I am going to add a Quilting page to share patterns and completed projects. I also updated my work information because I've changed jobs since the last update.

I'm also very proud to post that Kay Keating and I created a non-profit Diaper Bank called SWADDLE - SouthWest Area Diaper Depository for Little Ends. Check out our website and make a donation if you can. A lot of little bottoms rely on us! It is truly the most fulfilling thing I have ever done!

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